Hiranoya Okonomiyaki

Before I came to Japan, I had never eaten a okonomiyaki.  This all changed on my first visit to Hiroshima city and since then I’ve been trying to find great okonomiyaki places.

Hironoya is one of them and according to my co-workers, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hironoya is located in Fuchu city, just outside of Fukuyama. Fuchu is not a big place, but there is a small country road that pretty much goes from my village in the mountains all the way to this okonomiyaki shop.  The route 417 is one tight scary road barely larger than my miniature Japanese car.

This is the small river just next to the shop. I pretty much follow this river down from the mountain to get to the restaurant.

Fuchu is now popular for okonomiyaki and I found a map with numerous okonomiyaki shops. The Fuchu style differs slightly from the Hiroshima city style. Most shops in the city offers a spicy noodles version and the bacon is replaced with minced pork.

The shop is located in an old house, the inside is very nice and clean. The counter where all the cooking is done is very long.  I always try to sit at the counter when I visit a okonomiyaki shop, the food stays warms and in this case, the chef was a very nice fellow to chat with in my limited Japanese.

Here are the steps to prepare a Fuchu style okonomiaki

1- Make a thin crepe

2- Add noodles

3- Add a generous amount of cabbage

4- Add the minced pork

5- Add the tempura crumbs

6- Flip the whole thing over and let it cook.

7- I forgot to take a picture of the final step. The whole thing is flipped back, a lightly beaten raw egg is poured over and the okonomiyaki get painted with okonomiyaki sauce.  The garnish is simple: green onions and flakes of bonito.

This is my 800 yen L size okonomiyaki

This okonomiyaki is fairly simple, very well executed and I like how the noodles get crispy while you eat it from being on the hot plate.

I will try other shops in Fuchu in a near future.  It’s my third time at Hiranoya and I always have a good time talking with the chef.

If you are near Fuchu, drop by and see for yourself.

??? (Hiranoya) is located in Fuchu not too far from the main Fuchu station

Click here to see a map (apparently, this is the old address, the shop is now located on the same street, closer toward the station.)

2 thoughts on “Hiranoya Okonomiyaki”

  1. Fuchu-yaki rocks! It differs from Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki in that it uses minced meat instead of sliced pork. I love the way they cook the meat until it is very crispy. Some of the Fuchu-yaki restaurants don’t use pork. Instead they use local Jinseki-gyu, which is award winning wagyu. Have them add cheese and then you are in heaven! I agree it is hard to get a good burger in Japan, but a good Fuchu-yaki with cheese comes a close second!

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