Hanayama Yatai in Fukuoka

If you are not familiar with the Fukuoka food scene, a yatai is a traditional food cart which can be found at night time all over Fukuoka. While some of them are very centrally located, on my latest visit to Fukuoka, I decided to give Hanayama a try after reading about it in Fukuoka Now.

Hanayama is a very short walk from Hakozakimiyamae subway station, the yatai itself is right in front of the main gate of Hakozaki shrine.  The place was packed, but we managed to squeeze in.

Hanayama is all about yakitori and they pretty much told us to pick what we wanted. We started slowly, trying some of the chicken skin and offals.

The result is just delicious bits that goes down wonderfully with shochu on ice.


More good stuff.  The trick is just to try whatever the locals are recommending.

The fish was very popular.

BBQ cheese

BBQ tofu

The people at Hanayama were very friendly.

We ended up our meal with a very simple tonkotsu ramen.

This yatai is surprisingly cosy.  They have two serving areas.

It even has a tatami room!!

Hanayama was well worth getting out from the city center and it felt very authentic.  If you find other great yatai, please let me know.


Open 17h

Just a min away from Hakozakimiyamae station on the approach to Hakozaki shrine.