Hakkei Ryokan in Yubara

For some reason, I never covered the ryokan scene on this blog, but some of the best food I ate in Japan was served in ryokan (japanese traditional inns). Hakkei which located in the onsen town of Yubara in Okayama Prefecture is both a good place to enjoy a warm onsen and eat great food.

Hakkei is located right next to the dam and in front of the famous open air bath.

From the open air bath, Suna-Yu.

The dinner at Hakkei was a nice surprise. Here is the first impression.

Spring was the theme.

Oyster and chicken

Small baby squids.

Tataki o.

Soup with fresh bamboo shoots.

Beef cooked on a leaf.

Iwana (salvelinus) served with miso

Vegetables which were told were prepared with great attention to preserve each individual flavor.

Cresson and pork


Rice and miso soup.  The rice is cooked over fire and has to wonderful crust.

Dessert was strawberry ice cream

Great kitchen

The head chef Masahara was a winner of Iron Chef, if I knew I would have taken a picture with him.

Now, let’s jump to the breakfast which is offered Japanese style or western style.

Rice porridge with sweet potatoes

Miso soup

Roasted fish and omelet

Little breakfast nabe

We sat in a tatami room where the staff had arranged a bed for our baby.  But the front tables have a great view of the river just down bellow.

After breakfast we had siphon coffee in the lounge.  The coffee is from UCC.

Not too bad.

The lounge

Art in the lobby

The roof onsen

The second roof bath

The hospitality at Hakkei was impeccable and the food beyond my expectations. You can expect to pay a minimum of 20,000 yen per person.

Yubara is a great little onsen town which is worth visiting.

Yubara is easily accessible by car or by bus from Katuyama station.



Tel. 0867-62-2211