Habu Shokudou in Naha, Okinawa

We braved the wind and the rain to get to Habu Shokudou which is located right inside to the main gate of Naha harbour. This place is not on the regular tourist trail, but make the hike, you won’t regret it.  I also suggest you go there on an empty stomach, you might even consider skipping a couple of meals before you visit Habu Shokudou.  You will see why really soon.

The view from the restaurant

The restaurant is really busy and most of the customers seem to be workers from Naha harbour and a couple tourist.

The menu is pretty simply to navigate

Order and listen for the number they will give you.  They will scream your order with the number they gave you since everything is made to order and the place is really busy.

The front of the kitchen is for the soup

The back of the kitchen is for the stir frying

We ordered the niku soba or meat noodle which is the specialty of Habu.

The poster is not far from reality, this dish is HUGE!!!

Here is a close up

I managed to eat all mine, my wife gave up half way.  The noodles had a nice bite, the soup was outstanding and the whole veggies and meat really well made.  Appart the gargantuan size, this is a great dish.  It’s also really cheap at 700 yen!

The ladies being the counter turned out to be super talkative and funny.   If you speak a bit of Japanese, sit at the counter, it’s the best seat in the house.   Once I was done, they tried to give me more food.  I accepted 2 pork ribs  so tender they were falling from the bone.

The ribs are served with the famous Okinawa soki soba which is also the smallest thing coming out of this kitchen.

If you feel like you really want to stay away from Kokusai Dori, head to Habu.

Habu Shokudou, Naha, Okinawa


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