Dispatch Coffee

I read about Dispatch Coffee in the coffee press .  I knew I had to visit Dispatch coffee as soon as I arrived in Montreal.   I visited the main coffee shop and roastery located on St-Zotique West street.  The area is mostly commercial and feels a bit like it’s the middle of nowhere, but it’s worth the visit.

The coffee shop has an industrial feel with a few tables, a nice counter and an open roasting area in the back.  

The shop reminded me of the Blue Bottle shop in Tokyo, almost the same layout on a smaller scale.   There is nothing like an open space roastery to make me happy.

Probat roaster

I ordered a brazilian drip coffee and a cold coffee.     

The brazilian coffee was hand dripped with a Hario V60.  Great taste.   

I was extremely curious about the cold coffee which is brewed, filtered and kegged.  The coffee is served on tap by using a thank of nitrous.  I was expecting a beer like coffee, but they told me that they made the decision to use nitrous as a serving mechanism and not a way to modify the coffee.  Stout like coffee can be served with a beer tap, but it’s not available at Dispatch.   

I have yet to try to taste one of these beer like coffee.  I simply didn’t have the time to visit a cafe in Montreal that serves the coffee this way.  

The result was a good cold coffee. I rarely drink cold coffee, even in summer, but this made me think about cold brewing in a new way.


We walked out with a bag of Ethiopian coffee which I brewed at home.  Great flavor, a bit too lightly roasted for my taste, but still a great cup of coffee.     

Dispatch coffee is one of the rare roastery I visited in Montreal that is exploring new ways of serving coffee while respecting traditions. You will have to pay a small extra to drink a drip coffee, but it is worth it.

Really cool espresso machine from Modbar.
Really cool espresso machine from Modbar.

Drinking coffee at Dispatch is a great experience.   If you don’t want to go all the way to Saint-Zotique, they have a coffee truck and a second coffee shop located inside the engineering building on the campus of McGill university right downtown.    

Dispatch Coffee

267 Rue Saint Zotique West, Montréal