I love breakfast.

Breakfast in Japan is nothing like the breakfast I enjoyed back home in Montreal, but I believe that Deschl might be a strong contender to bridge the breakfast gap.

This restaurant recently opened in the very hip Toiyacho area of Okayama. If you are not familiar with the area, Toiyacho is an old industrial area of the city which as been rebooted into hipster heaven with a wide collection of cool clothing shops and a wide range of cafés and restaurants.   Deschl is located next door to Onsaya Café.

I shot this picture before people started sitting in, the restaurant opens at 8h50 AM and there was a line up in front of the restaurant. Deschl as you can see has this loft/industrial/chic kind of look which reminded me of Montréal.

The menu is pretty straight forward: french toast or pancake and eggs. The sets are 880 yen and include a hot beverage and juice.

The orange juice is fresh. When you walk in, place your order at the counter and they will asign you a table.

Busy kitchen

The maple syrup is of course from Canada!

I ordered the french toast set

The french toast and eggs were both good, but the portions are most definitely Japanese, don’t expect a gargantuan trucker breakfast at Deschl. Overall, it’s a good breakfast and the only thing that bothered me was the poor quality coffee. Since Deschl is located right next to Onsaya coffee shop and I just might buy a coffee from Onsaya the next time I visit.

Deschl is a great place for a weekend brunch. The owner was streaming live American radio from the internet and between two insurance ads, I could almost forget I was in Japan. I am probably going back soon since the pancakes looked really good.



From 8h50 AM (you can expect a line up)