Crab at Pension Cruise in Tottori

Winter in Japan is the season of delicious crab. For the second year, my whole family headed down to Iwami town in Tottori prefecture to eat some crab.

We stayed at the Pension Cruise which is located about 100 m from the Uradome coast.  The pension is quite small and 8 adults and 6 children occupied the whole dinning room.

The chef picked the crabs for our meal to the great delight of my small son.

The crabs are caught in the Sea of Japan which we can see from the second floor room.

Pension Cruise is simple and family friendly. We barely spent anytime in the room since our stay was all about eating crab.

And I shall preface this by saying that this is a huge meal.

I am not a big fan of the green stuff so I gave it to my niece.


Crab sashimi

Chawan mushi

Crab on a hot plate

Cooked for a few minutes

And the result.

The provenance of the crab, it’s the local Tottori crab.

Crab tempura

My wife like to mix crab meat and the crab miso

Crab shabu shabu

This is what it looks like

It’s a good idea to drop the shells and some meat in the pot since they will use the soup to make rice porridge.

Rice porridge to end the meal.


and the dessert to this gargantuan meal was local pears.

The next morning, we had this wonderful breakfast.

and a wonderful crab miso soup

Our family goes to eat crab every year and it’s something I would not miss. We have been to  fancier spots, but we grew to like Pension Cruise very much.  Great hospitality, nice bath, clean room, and delicious food. It’s not cheap, but the package does include dinner, room and a big breakfast. You can also pick different size of crab and they have many custom menus.

Pension Cruise