Caffe San Simeon

Caffe San Simeon was my surprise coffee discovery.  I have walked in front of it for many years and never noticed it.  I guess that Caffe Italia was my unique destination in Little Italy and never gave two shits about other places.

Since I was heading for the Jean-Talon market area for a second time, I decided to try a new place. 

Caffe San Simeon is located since 1979 on rue Dante not too far from the market and St-Laurent street.    If you are familiar with the area, it’s right across from the amazing Dante hardware store where you can buy great kitchen wares or a hunting rifle.

San Simeon has a different feel from Caffe Italia.   It has a video poker room in the back which is somehow connected to the Italian restaurant next door.   

The coffee has also a beautiful terrace on rue Dante.  

The regulars were chatting with the barista.   The barista looks like a prized fighter, he is quite a mountain of a man.   The service was precise and friendly.  
I ordered a latte, a cappuccino, a granita and a pastry.   The latte was right on the money.

The cappuccino was everything that I imagine when I drink an italian coffee. I will try the espresso next time I visit. 

The granita was strong. I could drink this all the time. Coffee granita when done well is truly addictive and the granita at San Simeon is thing of legend. I drank mine without milk.   

The apricot pastry was good.    

Caffe San Simeon is a place I will visit the next time I am in Montreal.

I don’t have not a drop of Italian blood in my body, but in a place like San Simeon, I can almost fancy myself as an adopted Italian for the time it takes to drink a perfectly prepared cappuccino.  

Cool cycling jersey
Cool cycling jersey

Caffe San Simeon

39 Dante street, Montreal (corner of St-Dominique)