Cafe Bimi in Fukuoka

Since I arrived in Japan and started discovering coffee shops, I have been recommended many places by coffee shop owners and Cafe Bimi was of course one of them.   The owner of Orizuru in Okayama  told me about Cafe Bimi a while ago since he is a good friend of the master and they travelled together to Africa to visit coffee farms in Ethiopia and Yemen.   Let’s just say that Cafe Bimi which is located in Fukuoka city is just as charming and delicious as I was told it would be.

The cafe is a good 20 to 25 minutes walk from Tenjin station.    It’s right across from Gokoku shrine and a short distance from the Fukuoka Art Museum. It’s slightly outside the main tourist area, but well worth the walk.

The cafe is located on the second floor and the first floor is where you can find the roaster and you can buy freshly roasted beans.

The store is beautiful and the roasting room is located right next to it.

The cafe is just up the stairs.

Cafe Bimi is beautifully decorated and full of coffee related items.

I sat at the counter so I could watch the master at work.

We ordered a Banni-Matar from Yemen and a Mandheling from Indonesia

The coffee was hand dripped with a nel drip straight into the cup.  The coffee is strong and intense.

The Mandheling which is 900 yen

The Yemen which is 750 yen

They also had an interesting Yirga Chefe from Ethiopia which I would love to try on my next visit.

I love all the little details which included amazing hand made Kaikado coffee tins from Kyoto

I can only strongly recommend Cafe Bimi if you are looking for unique and almost poetic coffee experience in Fukuoka.

If you can’t live without coffee, Cafe Bimi might be just the perfect pilgrimage stop for you.

Cafe Bimi

福岡県福岡市中央区赤坂 2−6−27

Open at 11 am