Boke Ramen

Boke ramen ( ぼっけえ らーめん)  is a popular Okayama ramen shop which has been recommended to me by friends and students and I finally visited the shop on a cloudy Monday.  I must start by saying that my friends and students were right on the money, Boke ramen is worth the hype.

The shop is located on ramen street which is between the Joypolis and the new Aeon Mall.  It’s maybe a 10 min walk from Okayama station.

The interior of Boke ramen has this “well lived” kindda feeling with a 1960 formica touch. The customers were mostly workers and business people who were all concentrated on slurping their ramen as quickly as possible.

The complementary kimchi was good

I ordered the basic Boke ramen which is 680 yen.

Here is a shot of the noodles which are kind of straight

It’s good stuff if you are into very rich gravy type kind of soup.  The noodles were so good that I ordered a second portion which comes with some kind of spicy minced meat on top.

Here is the menu

Boke ramen has this addictive taste which I am sure a lot of people in Okayama are hooked on.  The chef at Boke seems to be quite a funny character and he is very entertaining.

You might need to go for a walk or run a marathon after eating at Boke… but you got to try it.

Boke Ramen