Ajisen Taiwan ramen in Okayama City

The Kurashiki branch of Ajisen Taiwan ramen has a been one of my favorite restaurant for several years and it was a given that I would eventually visit the Okayama city branch one of these day.

I ordered the Taiwan ramen set.   The menu at the Okayama branch is a bit different from the one in Kurashiki.

You can choose mild, medium or hot for your ramen.  I opted for medium and it was just right for my taste.

The soup was great and the noodle were pretty good.   The fried chicken was just OK, nothing compared to the fried chicken offered in Kurashiki.

If you are in the area and you want a decent bowl of Taiwan ramen, I would not hesitate to stop.  But I am afraid I like the Kurashiki Ajisen much better.

The shop is not located in the center of Okayama.   It’s on route 21 not too far from route 2.

Ajisen Okayama