#8 Wire & Bollard in Tamano

I rarely have a chance to visit Tamano, but I guess the spirit of the Setouchi Triennale brought me to Uno Port. I decided to review these two together since they are located next door to each other in the Higashiyama Building.

#8 Wire Hamburger

I will start in the order I visited these shops. I am not sure how I ended up finding out about #8 Wire, but they are conveniently located near Uno Port and it’s possible to park your car on the street right in front of the shop.

The menu, English menu is also available.

I ordered the #8 which has two patties of beef, cheese and bacon. I also ordered french fries.
I was asked what I wanted to drink and was told that the restaurant did not provide water. If you want to drink anything, it has to be ordered from the drink menu. Mmm…

The food is served in paper bags.

When I received my meal, I asked for ketchup and was told that the ketchup is not free. I politely refused the extra charge for the ketchup. If I had not been so hungry, I would have probably left the hamburger uneaten and just leave.
Have I gotten soft with all the amazing service in Japan? Am I asking for too much?

The hamburger was actually quite delicious, it’s sad that I was such in a pissy mood for a glass of water and ketchup.

The beef patties are cooked on a real Weber BBQ. Never been to a restaurant which has a BBQ you would typically find in your back yard. The patties are on the thin side.

The fries were nice and crispy. What a tragedy they would not offer you some complimentary ketchup to go along. I am not exactly cheap when it comes to food, but I draw a line at ketchup.

From the counter, you can get a nice view of the harbour. I will let you decide where you draw the line on the ketchup and water question. The service was OK, the food was good. The location is convenient.

Bollard coffee shop

I have seen a few pics of Bollard and did not expect it to be located right next to #8.

Bollard is a tiny coffee shop which serves coffee beans from Obscura Coffee Roasters from Tokyo.

The shop is minimalist and has this industrial look. I ordered a caffe latte.

The latte was good.

It’s nice to see a nice little coffee shop like this in Tamano.

I don’t know if both the coffee shop are own by the same person, but they are located on the ground floor of the HYM hostel.

#8 Wire & Bollard


1-7-3, Uno, Tamano-shi, 
Okayama, 706-0011, Japan

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